ii) Add Specific Location

Press [+]

The location search box allows you to search for a wide variety of locations including addresses, cities, ZIP codes, and even geographic features or specific geographic coordinates. For example, you could search for any of the following locations:

 Type Example
Address125 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT
City Modesto, CA
ZIP code* 83204
County* Valley County, MT
Lakes, Parks,
Mountains, etc.
Lake Youngs, WA
Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, CA
Big Southern Butte, ID
Coordinates 42.86 N, 112.41 W

Press [Search]
If you are presented with a scrollable pick list, Tap to select a specific NOAA Forecast Location

Press [Add]

*Large areas, like counties and ZIP codes, are not recommended. The center of the area may be far from your location and the weather may be very different there.