iii) Event Type Notifications

Tap the blue disclosure button > on the State Alert Summary cell to setup event type notifications.
  • Enable all the event types by pressing the [Enable All]/[Disable All] buttons.
  • Enable notifications for all enabled event types by pressing the [Notifications Enabled/Disabled] button.
  • Enable event types individually by tapping on the event types, which cycles through the following settings:
NotificationsEvent BoldEvent Plain

It is important to verify that notifications are also enabled in device settings. On your device locate and tap the app icon called Settings (the icon contains silver gears with a black background). Press [Notifications], [Wx Alert USA]*

*Please note that if you read an alert before the notification is sent, the notification will be cancelled

About Audible Alerts

The Silent Time feature may be used to schedule when specific alert priorities should be sent silently for the respective state (i.e. just silence the medium & low priority alerts).
  • If your device settings supports "Ringer and Alerts" under the devices general settings "sounds", then the app uses this volume for alerts (iPhone); otherwise it uses the main volume for alerts (iPad).
  • If your volume is turned down to low then you may not be able to hear the audio alerts.
  • The app plays three distinct alert sounds depending on the type of alert(s) (Warnings: Loud, Watches: Medium, and Advisories: Low).
  • Always adjust your volume before pressing the [Test Notifications] button (in Land Brief, [Setup], [Alerts]).
  • If your ringer is "muted" (iPhone) then the device will vibrate (when set to in general settings) as long as the alert is not sent within the silent alerts schedule.
  • You can globally enable/disable the alert audio in your device Settings (the icon contains silver gears with a black background). Press [Notifications], [Wx Alert USA].

Event Type Notification Priorities


Ashfall Warning
Avalanche Warning
Blizzard Warning
Child Abduction Emergency
Civil Danger Warning
Civil Emergency Message
Coastal Flood Warning
Dust Storm Warning
Earthquake Warning
Evacuation Immediate
Excessive Heat Warning
Extreme Cold Warning
Extreme Fire Danger
Extreme Wind Warning
Fire Warning
Flash Flood Warning
Flood Warning
Freeze Warning
Gale Warning
Hard Freeze Warning
Hazardous Materials Warning
Hazardous Seas Warning
Heavy Freezing Spray Warning
Heavy Snow Warning
High Surf Warning
High Wind Warning
Hurricane Force Wind Warning
Hurricane Warning
Hurricane Wind Warning
Ice Storm Warning
Lake Effect Snow Warning
Lakeshore Flood Warning
Law Enforcement Warning
Local Area Emergency
Nuclear Power Plant Warning
Radiological Hazard Warning
Red Flag Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Shelter In Place Warning
Sleet Warning
Special Marine Warning
Storm Warning
Tornado Warning
Tropical Storm Warning
Tropical Storm Wind Warning
Tsunami Warning
Typhoon Warning
Volcano Warning
Wind Chill Warning
Winter Storm Warning
911 Telephone Outage


Air Quality Alert
Avalanche Watch
Blizzard Watch
Coastal Flood Statement
Coastal Flood Watch
Excessive Heat Watch
Extreme Cold Watch
Fire Weather Watch
Flash Flood Statement
Flash Flood Watch
Flood Statement
Flood Watch
Freeze Watch
Gale Watch
Hard Freeze Watch
Hazardous Seas Watch
Hazardous Weather Outlook
Heavy Freezing Spray Watch
High Wind Watch
Hurricane Force Wind Watch
Hurricane Statement
Hurricane Watch
Hurricane Wind Watch
Hydrologic Outlook
Lake Effect Snow Watch
Lakeshore Flood Statement
Lakeshore Flood Watch
Marine Weather Statement
Rip Current Statement
Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Severe Weather Statement
Special Weather Statement
Storm Watch
Tornado Watch
Tropical Storm Watch
Tropical Storm Wind Watch
Tsunami Watch
Typhoon Statement
Typhoon Watch
Wind Chill Watch
Winter Storm Watch


Administrative Message
Air Stagnation Advisory
Ashfall Advisory
Blowing Dust Advisory
Blowing Snow Advisory
Brisk Wind Advisory
Coastal Flood Advisory
Dense Fog Advisory
Dense Smoke Advisory
Flood Advisory
Freezing Drizzle Advisory
Freezing Fog Advisory
Freezing Rain Advisory
Freezing Spray Advisory
Frost Advisory
Heat Advisory
High Surf Advisory
Hydrologic Advisory
Lake Effect Snow Advisory
Lake Effect Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory
Lake Wind Advisory
Lakeshore Flood Advisory
Low Water Advisory
Short Term Forecast
Sleet Advisory
Small Craft Advisory
Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory
Tsunami Advisory
Wind Advisory
Wind Chill Advisory
Winter Weather Advisory